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TOP pracovné ponuky

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Top Consult Group


Top Consult Group
TOP Clients


Top Consult Group
Top selections


Top Consult Group
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For customers

What can we offer when looking up for employees ?

  • 12 years of high quality experiences and knowledge of Slovak  labor market
  • we work on the basis of building above standard relations with our clients, but also with applicants we look for
  • regular communication during the period of warranty
  • we dispose of wide database of applicants
  • our fee can be paid in several partial payments
  • we give you flexible period of warranty depending on applied position

How do we work?

The way you are satisfied!

  • personal meeting with company representative – to specify your needs
  • suggestions of forms and methods of selection process
  • labor market survey related to selected position
  • lookup in our own database based on Internet advertising
  • personal interviews with chosen candidates
  • testing by specialized personalizes tests + mini AC in selected positions
  • sending profiles of 3 best selected candidates
  • presentation of candidates to client were responsible client's consultant is participating
  • regular communication and reporting to client during the whole process of selection
  • we accentuate on giving feedbacks to our clients