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TOP pracovné ponuky

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Top Consult Group


Top Consult Group
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Top Consult Group
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Top Consult Group
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About us

TOP CONSULT GROUP, s.r.o. is a Slovak company without foreign capital interest.

  • seat – Bratislava, Slovak republic
  • cooperating with other consultation companies we work in: Slovak republic, Czech republic, Poland, Austria, Romania, Hungary
  • we have high quality, specialized staff with huge potential
  • we have wide services portfolio 
  • our client's and job candidates satisfaction is our priority 
  • we cooperate on the basis of above standard working relations
  • our references are the mirror of our work

Why you should cooperate with our company?

  • client's needs are obligatory for us
  • we have long-time knowledge and experiences of Slovak labour market
  • we can work in the whole central-european area
  • our database of high-grade attendants is our big advantage
  • our internal and external employees will give you long-time professional and also life experiences 
  • we are fast and flexible
  • quality is for us more important then quantity