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Development Center

Development centre is a counseling and advisory opinion service which is oriented to fully qualified evaluation of personal, professional and career potential of employees and specific teams. It helps companies to make their human resources area more effective and also to improve and make more effective company results. It allows finding out perspectives of the future professional application and career development of employees in accordance to company goals and abilities and it also is one of the sources for education and education plans creation.

Development Centre establishment

  • Psychological diagnostic – it gives objective and qualified evaluation of personal and professional potential of employees. Test barrier contains 8 standardized psychological tests.
  • Team task solution – this is a method of evaluating employees in specific situations which are imitating real practice.  All employees will get their common task, which they have to solve. It’s not that important that they solve task correctly, but it’s observed how they act, who had got the best solutions, proposals, who can sort out conflicts, who is the one who makes it slower or obstructive and so on.
  • Individual task solution – employee is solving individually set tasks, which are prepared the way that they seem very close to what is his/her job position.
  • Depth interview – is oriented to finding out a course of life and professional career of employee and a part of it is also a feedback for employee with psychological tests results.

Development Centre advantages

  • Accurately identifies developing needs based on obtained competence profile
  • It lays on and systematize development of the whole group and each individual
  • Specific recommendations aim to development "out of action" (courses, trainings) and also "in action" (couching, mentoring)
  • Recommendations aim to standardized courses but also to specific solutions like courses specially prepared for customer and his special needs