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360° Feedback

360° feedback is evaluative and developing tool, which is a source of valuable and important information about working reality and potentials of employees. It stimulates development through competitive model and is also detecting training needs of employees. It also improves company culture and open communication.

360°feedback aims:

  • Stimulating target group of Managers makes a stimulus for their development and improvement on the basis of detecting reliable information about their strong and weak qualities.
  • All information from the 360°feedback is the optimal initial point for coaching and other developing activities.
  • Supporting open and constructive communication in company culture. Company is build in open way. It means that nobody is afraid to tell his /her opinion and everybody is able to say it professionally and constructively for others.
  • Setting up training needs in groups inside the company.


The task is to set up mirror to evaluated manager, to show him/her how is his/her behavior and working style seen by other people who are around him/her (superordinates, colleagues on the same managing level and his/her subordinates) 360°evaluation quite precisely finds out resources, margins in leading people which would manager probably never realize but which he/she can sort out with and eliminate them. This method is focusing on a personal development of managers in company, identification of their possible areas in personal development, improvement, growth and strengthening of their (manager’s) potential.